Should you be thinking about Augmented Reality?

While it sounds like a futuristic term, Augmented Reality is already impacting the lives of consumers today.

Having the capabilities to create a state in which the real world is amplified by computer generated content has great potential to drive consumer engagement. Marketers currently take full advantage of this; carefully creating and selecting specific variations of augmented reality to play key roles in putting products into shopping carts. These implementations are seen in a variety of ways, both in-store, and online; making the lives of in-store consumers easier with tactics ranging from in-store navigation technology to virtual fitting rooms.

The typical overwhelming shopping experience at a home improvement store is foreign to almost no one. However, the Lowe’s a home improvement chain, has incorporated augmented reality in hopes of simplifying consumer’s in-store shopping experiences. With a mobile app, consumers can search for products, add desired products to a virtual cart, and follow their augmented navigation system to retrieve their items in its respective departments.

Online Mobile sites for brands like, Ray-Ban and Converse, have been attracting consumers with mobile augmented reality capabilities; giving consumers the ability to browse and sample products without leaving the comfort of one’s home. Simply aligning one’s body with the phone’s camera allows consumers to swipe and browse through augmented visuals of various pieces of merchandise sampled on themselves.

Not only does augmented reality make trying new products on as simple as touching a screen, but it also makes every single moment capable of being captured and shared in real-time. Like those new shoes you tried on? Take a screenshot and share it with all your friends and followers online.

The major takeaway here isn’t that augmented reality is up and coming, but rather understanding the powerful presence that augmented reality has in marketing today, specifically retail marketing. Whether consumers realize it or not, augmented reality is already impacting their lives. Understanding that impact, and the power that comes along with it yields the bigger question: what might tomorrow bring?